GRCH Citation

ABKC GRCH Citation
Owned by Leigh Durrence

The Shorty is Great Again
Christopher “Bully the Kid” Bennett

There was a time when the world stopped to focus on the ShortyBull... there was a time when a little cream dog scared the big dogs. That time seems long ago, but after years of merely sitting at the table, GRCH Citation is pulling up a chair, and the Big Ticket is hungry!

Citation isn’t a little backpack dog. He’s a full grown man, with bone that makes some English Bulldogs look like classic versions of their breed. A chest spread that makes French Bulldogs look more chihuahua than Bulldog, and a head piece that makes American Bullies start measuring muzzles. Citation is a must see, the type of ShortyBull that makes people recognize that being impressive has little to do with size.... and everything to do with presence!

Sired by greatness, he has waited his turn to wear the crown. Superior kennels is the home of 2018 Top ShortyBull Laila Ali, and the National Grand Class winner Rick Flair so the competition around the yard is often tougher than the competition in the ring. Citation has already tasted being the number two dog in the country, but in 2020  he’s the current number 1 ShortyBull in the world and even a pandemic hasn’t changed his focus. There is only one goal, and that is to finish the year the same as he started... on top.

Introducing your newest Bully Supplies Mascot Thompson’s Signature Citation of Superior Kennels.... ABKC’s current number one ShortyBull in the world.